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Hamilton Ventures, Hometeam Ventures Announce Investment in Ecomedes, Inc.

Hamilton’s and Hometeam’s investments come during Ecomedes’ seed round as the company prepares for Series A funding.

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 14, 2023 — Hamilton Ventures and Hometeam Ventures are excited to announce an investment in the seed round for Ecomedes, Inc., an impact-aware B2B SaaS solution built to reduce friction for the procurement and reporting of certified building materials. Ecomedes’ industry-leading database of 850K+ products, which includes 150 sub-categories of building materials and 100+ different ecolabels and standards frameworks, provides buyers and sellers a simplified interface to procure, track, report, and market certified building materials.

“Ecomedes is well positioned to deliver value to AEC professionals; corporations that have made ESG commitments and want to better understand their embodied carbon; and material suppliers and manufacturers looking to increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing spend,” says Prashant Kothari, Founder and Managing Director, Hamilton Ventures. “We look forward to partnering with the Ecomedes team to provide solutions in this opaque corner of the real estate sector.”

“The construction and maintenance of buildings accounts for nearly 40% of all CO2 emissions. To address global sustainability goals, it’s paramount that we help the construction industry build more sustainably,” shared Alexandria Lafci, Founder and Managing Director, Hometeam Ventures. “We believe Ecomedes is building the decision making engine that can help transition the construction industry toward a more sustainable future.”

Architects, environmental consultants, general contractors, and large corporate building occupiers are the key users of Ecomedes’ platforms for material procurement. Post-procurement these users need accurate, timely materials data for sustainable building certifications such as LEED, construction closeout packages, and ESG reporting. As there is no “one-stop shop” that scalably provides digitally certified material data, the status quo between purchasers and suppliers is a series of phone calls, emails, PDF exchanges, and boutique tech solutions.

For material manufacturers and suppliers, Ecomedes solves two major pain points: time and digital marketing. When a supplier leverages Ecomedes the time spent by sales staff on data reporting is reduced to almost zero. This frees sales professionals to focus on revenue-generating activities. Ecomedes also allows suppliers to optimize and better understand their digital marketing spend with an insights and analytics dashboard.

"We are thrilled to have the teams at Hamilton and Hometeam join us in our mission to make measurable, positive change to the built environment,” says Kathleen Egan, CEO, Ecomedes, Inc. “Hamilton has assembled an impressive team of CRE experts who know first-hand how to drive digital transformation in the commercial built environment. Hometeam’s insights and network around digitizing construction are impressive and incredibly relevant for us as we seek to make measurable change in the built environment. Together, their teams will help us scale the value that we bring to commercial building projects, improve efficiency, and usher in a new era of sustainability and ESG transparency."

Ecomedes is capitalizing on two major tailwinds. First, the demand for accurate, digitized material data for ESG reporting and building certifications is likely to increase rapidly as the world attempts to achieve “net zero” by 2050. Second, digital marketing spend is projected to grow by 9%-15% annually over the next five years. While the manufacturing industry has typically been a laggard in digital spend, research indicates that manufacturers are accelerating their spend to digital channels at an above-market clip.

“Ecomedes’ management team has decades of experience — and six successful exits — across B2B SaaS startups, environmental product consulting, database productization, and digital marketing. CEO Kathleen Egan, Founder Paul Shahriari, CTO Hung Vo, and CMO Abby Murray are executing on their roadmap today and building network effects for future product expansion,” says Kothari. “Their team-market fit is exceptional.”


Hamilton Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm comprised of former real estate CXOs, entrepreneurs, and financiers. Today, real estate and technology are at an inflection point: AI, machine learning, data and analytics, and software-as-a-service are on the verge of wide deployment in real estate. Our mission is to deliver strategic advice and capital to proptech founders commercializing such technologies and help them succeed. Our organization includes investors with backgrounds from SitusAMC, CoStar, Stewart Title, Fannie Mae, Realogy, Freddie Mac, Access Point Financial, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, the United States Congress, and others. Learn more at


Hometeam Ventures invests in pre-seed and seed stage startups shaping the future of construction and housing. Construction is one of the world’s least digitized industries despite being one of the largest and most important. Hometeam Ventures exists because construction innovation is a prerequisite to reducing the cost of building and subsequently, meeting the growing housing demand. Our vision is to improve access to housing through the profitable deployment of capital into purpose-driven founders using technology to tackle barriers to building. We are operators with backgrounds in housing development, scaling organizations from inception, structural engineering, and architecture. Say hello at


Ecomedes, Inc. connects buyers and sellers of commercial building products through cloud-based software that reduces costs and makes measurable improvement to sustainability. Ecomedes platform helps institutional and commercial building teams discover, evaluate, and procure optimal building products. They automate the time consuming process of vetting critical impact factors, including carbon, energy, water, human health, circularity, and social factors. For manufacturers, the ecomedes platform is a new way to sell and to engage customers in the digital purchase journey. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Learn more at and

Media Contacts

Senior Investment Associate, Hamilton Ventures

TJ Fleming

Managing Director & Founder, HomeTeam Ventures

Alexandria Lafci

Content Director, Ecomedes, Inc.

Jen Levisen

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