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We Built Hamilton For Investors Who Know Real Estate

Have significant expertise and/or connections in one or more areas of real estate.

Endeavor to be top decile early-stage investors.

Are looking to increase their network of high-caliber real estate peers.

Are intellectually curious and seek out an understanding of cutting-edge technologies.

Investors We
Build With

Problems We Help Investors Solve For

Deal Flow: A single investor cannot realistically generate consistent, high-quality proptech investment opportunities

Due Diligence: Early-stage startups are risky and require deep due diligence of the Team and the Market.

Check Size: Many proptech VCs (we are friends with them) have high minimum check size thresholds.

Visibility & Growth: A truly passive investor generally has minimal visibility into their investments, or process by which to help their portfolio companies succeed.

Why Investors Build With Hamilton

We Are Disciplined

We don’t blindly index into startups like many early stage funds. Our diligence package is robust as we are able to leverage our Investors’ networks and expertise.

We Get The Struggle

Similar to the founders we invest in, we are solving a problem we encountered. We formed Hamilton because of the issues we experienced as solo Angel Investors.

We Are Experts

We have assembled an elite group of real estate and tech investors across the entire spectrum of the real estate value chain.

We Target Excess Returns

Top decile early-stage returns are ~5x. We diligence and underwrite to this target return profile.

We Pay It Forward

Interact with and potentially coach the brightest Founders in the industry.

We Build Community

Collaborate with extremely knowledgeable peers that have common goals.


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How to Invest With Us

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