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We Built Hamilton For Proptech Founders

The Hamilton Ventures team has introduced Kadence to both customers and investors (who ended up investing!). It's great to partner with them to help

the world make hybrid work.


- Dan Bladen -

CEO @ Kadence


Founders We Build With

Need a new capital partner that can add significant strategic and operational value.

Deeply understand a pressing problem in a large real estate-related market and are confident in their ability to build the solution.

Are not satisfied with the status quo and are passionate about solving complex real estate issues at the edge of innovation, social purpose, and technology.

Have a long-term mindset. Hamilton invests in teams we believe in with a focus on developing the current management team.

Problems We Help Founders Solve For

Investors With a Lack of Domain Expertise: Many VCs don’t understand the complex incentives & agency issues in Real Estate and are unwilling to learn.

Absentee Investors: Investors who provide capital but little other value. They lack engagement and only focus on the bottom line.

Non-Operator Investors: Many early-stage investors have little entrepreneurial expertise and don’t understand the challenges founders face.

Quick Dismissals: Potential investors dismiss the nuance of your business model & don’t take the time to understand its merits.

The ‘Chicken and Egg’ Check Size Issue: Venture firms that could add value to your business don’t typically write smaller checks (<$1M).


Why Founders Build With Hamilton

We Are Operators

We understand the trials and tribulations of being a founder. We not only empathize with you but also bring to the table best practices gleaned from our substantial experience.

We Are Experts

Our investors come from a wide range of C-Suite backgrounds within the real estate industry and are deeply committed to understanding and adding value to your business.

We Have A Deep Network

Hamilton offers an extensive network and rolodex to leverage as you scale your company. We will help you drive revenue growth via introductions to Enterprise-level industry players (customers, potential partners, experts, etc.).

We Are Relationship

First Partners

The capital we provide is only the start. We focus on delivering as much value to our founders as possible. We will work tirelessly to ensure your business is best positioned for long-term success. If we believe we aren’t the best fit for your business, we have many investment partners we are happy to introduce you to.

We Are A Positive Signal

Given our investors’ respect and expertise within real estate and our relationships with other venture funds, Hamilton’s investment is a strong signal to other proptech investors. We will foster your future successful capital raises via our deep real estate knowledge and trusted reputation in the investment community.

We Are Mission Driven

We focus on the “triple bottom line.” We invest in businesses that will shape and improve real estate for all. We believe that profit and positive change do not have to be at odds with each other. Hamilton aims to return substantial profits to shareholders AND drive positive change in the real estate sector via increased housing affordability, improved climate resilience, and the achievement of ESG standards.


We engage with founders to determine if there is a viable blueprint for a capital partnership.

Our Process

Founders get familiar with Hamilton’s Investment Thesis.

Founders apply via our website, or get connected to us via a warm intro.

Our investment process takes 2-3 months, because we don’t rush important decisions. We make sure there is a strong synergistic fit before investing.

After investing we look to take an active role in helping the Founder(s) build the Company - but we are flexible as to the role. We are open to a broad spectrum including: organic phone calls & emails, active coaching, and/or Board Observer/Director seats. We don’t believe we can add value if the communication lines stop when the funds wire clears.

Build With Hamilton

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